Our Proposal

Introducing a new office and residential building at 145 Wellington St. W.

As we work towards making further revisions to our proposal, we invite you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

Bringing a fresh and vibrant approach to a site with incredible potential

To achieve our vision for 145 Wellington St. W., we have focused our thinking around the following key development principles:

  • Dynamic Communities
  • Improving the Public Realm
  • Transit Connectivity
  • Maintaining and Enhancing Office Space




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The Site

145 Wellington St. W. is located on the southeast corner of Wellington Street West and Simcoe Street, just north of Cadillac Fairview’s new tower at 160 Front Street West.

Kitty-corner to Roy Thompson Hall and David Pecaut Square, this site is situated within Toronto’s Financial and Entertainment Districts.

Grey and white map with site area outlined